Logobi 05

Gintersdorfer/Klaßen | Germany

Logobi is an Ivorian street dance from Abidjan. The dancer’s movements say: “Come here, take a look at me, I’ll soon be a star, but first I can beat you up one more time.” Gestures replace words and songs in an attempt to impress spectators. Every day sees a brand new dance that reflects aspects of daily life. Franck Edmond Yao – a Logobi dancer, jet set star and winner of the African Award for the best African dancer – meets the long-standing Forsythe dancer Richard Siegal. The pas de deux is danced on an equal footing, without the demand for equality, and based completely on improvisation each evening. Both of them meet the challenge head-on, while the actual dance and its cultural characteristics are rediscovered during each performance.

More information on Gintersdorfer/Klaßen at www.gintersdorferklassen.org

Mit: Richard Siegal, Franck Edmond Yao alias Gadoukou la Star | Konzept/Regie/Ausstattung: Monika Gintersdorfer, Knut Klaßen

Eine Produktion von Gintersdorfer/Klaßen in Zusammenarbeit mit Ringlokschuppen Mülheim, Frascati Producties. Gefördert aus Mitteln des Landes NRW, sowie des NATIONALEN PERFORMANCE NETZES aus Mitteln des Tanzplans Deutschland der Kulturstiftung des Bundes