Theaterfestival Basel 
26. August to 6. September 2020 




Green Light for Basel Theatre Festival!


Finally. We never gave up hope, but it did feel like we had to wait an eternity for confirmation. But it’s now official and we’re over the moon: Come and experience Basel Theatre Festival 2020 live on the city’s stages from 26 August to 6 September 2020!


The festival will be somewhat different to the one we originally had in mind back at the end of last year. Things have changed rapidly and dramatically since then. We’ve had to review and adjust our programme time and time again over the past few weeks. Many hours have been spent on the phone, zooming and considering artistically interesting alternative formats. The majority of the international festivals with which we work closely are unlikely to take place in their usual format this year, which has led to the cancellation or postponement of many international tours.


Even though we now know that, in all probability, we will be able to experience theatre and dance productions live in Basel at the end of August, it’s likely to be uncertain for quite some time which of the invited international guests will actually be allowed to enter Switzerland. Therefore, we’re not planning to publish the full programme until 11 August. But we’re delighted to be able give you a sneak preview here on 17 June and to share our excitement with you.  


Needless to say, we’ll be implementing a carefully planned hygiene concept at all the venues and at the festival centre to ensure you can look forward to a relaxed and safe theatre experience!


So grab your diaries and pencil this in: Basel Theatre Festival 26.8. to 6.9. 2020. Save the date!