To Da Bone

(LA) HORDE | France | Dance


«TO DA BONE» cranks up the volume and lets young jumpers from all over Europe take over the stage. In new formations, they dance their rebellion against collective exhaustion in our present day and age.

It is possible to meet like-minded people of all ages and backgrounds online. The jumpers with electrifying jumps to 150 hard beats a minute are one such group that exists somewhere between the digital and the real world. They film their jumpstyle sequences and then post them on YouTube for a global audience. Free from the notion that contemporary dance must follow certain rules, the dancers create their own system of appreciation and professionalism. The group of jumpers dances itself into a breathless frenzy and generates a feeling of inner strength and confidence through its fanatical energy. (LA)HORDE creates impressive images for the intimate revolt of youth, which has discovered a new way of mobilizing itself through social media.




Konzept, Regie Marine Brutti, Jonathan Debrouwer, Arthur Harel | Tanz Valentin Basset aka Bassardo, Mathieu Douay aka Magii’x, Camille Dubé Bouchard aka Dubz, László Holoda aka Leslee, Kevin Martinelli aka MrCovin, ViktorPershko aka Belir, Nick Reisinger aka Neon, Edgar Scassa aka Edx, Andrii Shkapoid aka Shkap, Damian Kamil Szczegielniak aka Leito, Michal Adam Zybura aka Zyto, Magali Casters, Thomas Hongre aka ToPa | Sounddesign Aamourocean | Lichtdesign Patrick Riou | Assistenz Licht & Regie Claire Dereeper | Kostümdesign Lily Sato | Produktionsleitung Clémence Sormani | Touring Tristan Barani & Clémence Sormani | Outside Eye Jean Christophe Lanquetin | Gefördert durch Mairie de Paris, SACD – Société des Auteurs et Compositeurs Dramatiques (FR), Cité internationale des Arts (FR), Liberté Living-Lab (FR), CCN2 – Centre chorégraphique national de Grenoble (FR), DGCA – Direction générale de la création artistique (FR)


Das Gastspiel wird unterstützt durch die Französische Botschaft in der Schweiz.