ONTROEREND GOED | Belgium | Game & Performance


«The best way to rob a bank, is to own one.», we are told. Welcome to the capitalist casino of frivolous decisions! Just imagine being part of the top one percent, the super-rich, who pull all the strings and who we never actually get to see. The Belgian theatre-makers from Ontroerend Goed invite you to a theatrical performance about the thing that counts the most: money. You sit on the hot seat of worldwide turbo-capitalism and make decisions on the future of our economic system and our global coexistence. And who knows, maybe you’ll do everything differently and start a revolution from inside the global economy casino. Perhaps you are more responsible than those at the top and make the right decisions. Because you’d choose to take a different route, wouldn’t you? And don’t forget to bring along some cash, as only money talks. Who knows, you might even retrieve your entrance fee!



Regie Alexander Devriendt | Text Joeri Smet, Angelo Tijssens, Karolien De Bleser, Alexander Devriendt |  Mit Angelo Tijssens, Hannah Boer, Britt Bakker, Joeri Heegstra, Bastiaan Vandendriessche, Marieke Anthoni, Jeff Aendenboom, Robin Keyaert | Technik Babette Poncelet, Koen De Wilde | Kostüm Astrid Peeters | Musik Johannes Genard | Design Nick Mattan | Szenografie vormen | Dramaturgie Koba Ryckewaert, Zach Hatch, Julie Behaegel | Produktion David Bauwens, Charlotte Nyota Bischop, Karen Van Ginderachter | Koproduktion Kunstencentrum Vooruit (BE), Theatre Royal Plymouth (GB), Richard Jordan Productions (UK)