Spend a night in your sleeping bag beneath the leafy Basel sky. The night with a nightcap and breakfast you can get for CHF 25. Register at: gardenstate@gmx.ch


Garden State

MAMAZA | Germany & Switzerland


«Garden State» gives Fabrice Mazliah and his group MAMAZA the opportunity to establish a utopian state full of pot plants, taken from Basel apartments. A paradise-like garden in Turnhalle Klingental invites you to become part of a special community. You can use this space free of charge to contemplate new modes of coexistence and to put them straight into practice: relax and enjoy yoga courses, concerts, lectures, panel discussions and much more in the garden, and you can even spend the night beneath the leafy sky! The «Garden State» project was inspired by the story of Libertalia, a possibly fictional anarchist island colony founded in the late 17th century near Madagascar in which pirates and freed slaves lived communally in a peaceful environment. As a place of opposition to authoritarian structures and suppression, the «Garden State» is to be understood as a location where everyone comes together as equals. MAMAZA is a collaborative platform based in Frankfurt and works in various constellations. The collective constantly goes against what we expect and challenges our perception of what bodies should do in choreographies. The artists develop stage projects, city interventions and installations.

WE WANT YOUR TOPFPFLANZE! Lend us your Topfpflanze! Register yourself and your plant under: gardenstate@gmx.ch

You can also spend a night in your sleeping bag beneath the leafy Basel sky. A nightcap and breakfast with your favourite plant are included. Register at: gardenstate@gmx.ch





TUE 4.9. > 17 UHR

State-formation ceremony



WED 5.9. BIS SAT 8.9.


10 UHR

The Garden is opening up

10.30 UHR: Yoga – Meditation

Bring your mattress and do the sun salutation surrounded by greenery.

on Friday Earthquake Practice with Fabrice Mazliah

on Saturday Jungle Body Weather wih Rebecca Weingartner


12 UHR: Pow Wow

Open space for discussions. Come around and have a seat!


14 UHR: Tree Nursery
Workshops, Austausch


on Saturday Plant Voguing with Benjamin Lindh, at 15h Pippi Langstrumpf comes around
15 UHR
on Saturday Pippi Langstrumpf comes around

16 UHR: Safari

Guided tours by experts

on Friday with Khalil Belaid about reforestation projects in man-made deserts, the listeners are welcome to create their own MicroOases

on Saturday Stories of the Plants


17 UHR: Open Mic

Sing, recite a poem, tell us what's weighing heavily on your mind. The mic is yours!


on Saturday with Rüdiger Schiller, accordeon player and singer among others

18 UHR: Speech of the Day

Presentations by scientists


on Friday with Prof. Dr. Bojana Kunst (Giessen) about plants and institutions

on Saturday with Céline Baumann about Queer Nature.

20.30 UHR: Sunset Music

concerts with local musicians


on Friday Bandura's Flora Flash – Bamboo Beats, Begonia Boogie & Succulent Disco


22 UHR: Full Moon Screening

film screenings


on Friday «The Making of Justice» by Sarah Vanhee (BE, 2017, 59min.)


24 UHR: The Garden is closing

Bring your sleeping bag and spend a night under the leafy Basel sky.


SA 8.9.
 > 19 UHR

Final Act

Tombola/Plant Adoption and Atmospheric Garden Sounds at 19h, The Dance of the Return at 20h





GARDEN STATE ist eine MAZLIAH/MAMAZA-Produktion. | Realisation & Koordination Fabrice Mazliah | Basierend auf einem Konzept von Fabrice Mazliah, Ioannis Mandafounis und May Zarhy (MAMAZA) in Kooperation mit der Städelschule Architecture Class SAC | Mitarbeit Rebecca Weingartner, Roberta Mosca, Yanna Varbanova, Johanna Milz | Lichtdesign Harry Schulz | Technische Leitung Ulf Naumann | Sounddesign Johannes Helberger, KLING KLANG KLONG | Matratzen Heleno Bernardi | Produktionsleitung MAMAZA Johanna Milz | Koordination Theaterfestival Basel Eva Heller


Das Gastspiel wird unterstützt durch die Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Pro Helvetia. Schweizer Kulturstiftung, Kanton Basel-Stadt. Kultur und das NATIONALE PERFORMANCE NETZ Gastspielförderung Tanz International, gefördert von der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien.