A Piece of 2 - Balancing Human sized Rocks

NICK STEUR | Netherlands | Performance & Installation


With a calm and precise approach to the task at hand, the Dutch performance artist Nick Steur is a counter-pole to the hustle and bustle of Basel city centre: in a continuous, energy-sapping process, he manages to balance boulders on top of each other. This may sound easier than it really is; as the rocks are as tall as a person and weigh much more. Over the course of the performance, using nothing more than a few pulleys and his own muscles, Nick Steur creates a structure that seems to defy the laws of gravity. The gigantic, heavy boulders are transformed into delicate sculptures
and every day the artist discovers a new way to undertake this task.
Nick Steur will be busy at work for seven hours each day. Be mesmerised by his artistry at Barfüsserplatz, or follow his feats on our social media channels: @theaterfestivalbasel




Konzept, Performance Nick Steur | Technischer Support Marq van Vliet | Dramaturgische Unterstützung Jasper Delbecke (SoAP) | Produktion Edwige Leblay (SoAP) | Produktionsassistenz Marie Bartsch | Technik Hamid-Reza Soleymanie | Produktion SoAP Foundation | Koproduktion Van Eyck Academie (NL), Workspacebrussels (BE), TAKT/Dommelhof (BE), Via Zuid (NL) |Gefördert durch Fonds Podiumkunsten (Performing Arts Fund NL)


Das Gastspiel wird unterstützt durch Heivisch und die Christoph Merian Stiftung.