The Cardinals

Stan's Cafe | Great Britain


Three Cardinals in crimson robes are on a mission of evangelism, on tour with their travelling puppet theatre of mystery plays. Their aim is to tell the Bible’s whole story of the world from the Creation through the Crucifixion and on to the Crusades, the current geopolitical situation and finally the Apocalypse. The Cardinals take the role of puppets and perform the famous Bible scenes themselves, the puppet theatre is very cramped and the props unruly. The stressed Cardinals struggle to cope with the adverse conditions and the huge theatrical and theological challenge ahead of them. Backstage they are assisted by their young, Muslim stage manager, who scrutinises their efforts. A surreal and absurdly hilarious satire unfolds, somewhere between silent slapstick and profundity, which confronts violence used in the name of religion.


Von Alia Alzougbi, Gerard Bell, Graeme Rose, Craig Stephens | Mit Gerard Bell, Rochi Rampal, Graeme Rose, Craig Stephens | Regie James Yarker | Bühnenbild Miguel Angel Bravo | Requisiten Harry Trow | Kostüm Kay Wilton | Lichtdesign Paul Arvidson | Inspizienz Harry Trow | Produktionsassistenz Danni Leppier | Produktion Roisin Caffrey | Administration Jessie Coller


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