Boom Bodies

Doris Uhlich | Austria


They jump up, kick the air, shake their whole body and wave their arms so wildly that you’re afraid they’ll dislocate their shoulders at any moment. The dancers appear to come up with new movements every few seconds to a driving techno rhythm. Individually, yet always in harmony, they push their bodies to the limit as if struggling against physical, social or political constraints. They become lost in ecstasy and make the air crackle with an energy which causes the adrenalin to pump and transforms the body into the epicentre of change.


Choreografie Doris Uhlich | Mit Eyal Bromberg, Ewa Dziarnowska, Christina Gazi, Hugo Le Brigand, Andrius Mulokas, Yali Rivlin, Roni Sagi, Anna Virkkunen | Dramaturgie Heike Albrecht | DJ Boris Kopeinig | Licht Bruno Pocheron | Kostümberatung Attila Lajos | Feedback Katalin Erdödi, Yoshie Maruoka, Christine Standfest | Technische Beratung Gerald Pappenberger


Produktion: Theresa Rauter & Christine Sbaschnigg / insert (Theaterverein) | Koproduktion: Tanzquartier Wien | insert (Theaterverein) wird durch die Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien gefördert


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