Where were you on January 8th?

Amir Reza Koohestani & Mehr Theatre Group | Iran

8 January, midnight, a suburb of Teheran. It is snowing. Ali visits his fiancé Fatima, who is rehearsing Jean Genet’s play “The Maids” with her fellow students. The snow forces him to stay. When he wakes up the next morning, he is alone. His rifle has disappeared. What exactly has happened? Who has taken his weapon and why? Koohestani weaves a series of phone conversations after that night, creating an unsettling search for the truth and truthfulness. Without being too specific, the conversations deal with justice, violence, missed opportunities and unfulfilled obligations. You glimpse into an abyss of lies, selfishness and stubbornness, as the expression of the deep-rooted, collective anguish caused by a repressive regime.

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Text / Bühne / Produktion: Amir Reza Koohestani | Sound / Musik: Martin Shamoon Pour | Assistenz Regie / Produktionsleitung: Mohammad Reza Hosseinzadeh | Video / Technische Leitung: Hessam Nourani | Übertitel: Negar Nobakht Foghani | Übersetzung persisch – deutsch: Monika Kalitzke | mit: Saeid Changizian, Fatemeh Fakhraee, Negar Javaherian, Elham Korda, Ahmad Mehranfar, Mahin Sadri

Eine Produktion von Mehr Theatre Group in Teheran, Iranshahr Hall, Dezember 2009 – Januar 2010, mit der Unter- stützung von Dramatic Arts Centre, Teheran; Compagnie & Tour Management: Pierre Reis
Der Künstler-Schwerpunkt wird unterstützt durch die Stanley Thomas Johnson Stiftung und Südkulturfonds