Friedrich Liechtenstein & DJ Fett

What would a festival be without an awesome end-of-show party with a very special guest? His album «Bad Gastein» was released in July, and not soon after none other than the New York Times ran an article about him, dancing below Berlin’s famous television tower, and then on the same evening Tom Hanks claimed to be one of Friedrich Liechtenstein’s biggest fans. Last year his song «Supergeil» had more than 11 million hits on YouTube. Friedrich is everyone’s darling! In Basel, he will be entertaining the crowd with songs from his new album – but that’s just the beginning: Before and after the show DJ Fett will get everyone moving and grooving on the dance floor with some formidable tracks. «If you want to dive deeply into the history of popular music and have a great time out without any regrets, DJ Fett is your man!»