Macho Dancer

Eisa Jocson | Philippines

Eisa Jocson prances around stage to tacky rock music in her cowboy boots and skimpy hotpants; standing with her legs wide apart as if she had just got down from her horse, before launching into her macho dance routine. She was inspired by the very specific movements of the macho dancers, who dance in urban Philippine nightclubs for both men and women. The choreographer and dancer’s performances focuse on pole dancing, on bodies in the service sector and on gender stereotypes. She questions economic and sexual taboos, plays with the ambiguousness of the situation and the rituals of seduction, beyond traditional gender roles.
Konzept / Choreografie / Performance: Eisa Jocson | Licht: Jan Maertens | Musik: Lina Lapelyte | Coach: Rasa Alksnyte | Dramaturgische Beratung: Arco Renz | Songs: «Devil’s Dance» von Metallica, «Total Eclipse Of The Heart» von Boney Tyler, «Pagbigyang Muli» von Erik Santos

Eine Koproduktion von Work Space Brussels, Beursschouwburg; Residenz und Unterstützung von Work Space Brussels, Beursschouwburg, WP Zimmer