Es sagt mir nichts, das sogenannte Draußen

Sebastian Nübling & Maxim Gorki Theater | Germany

Sybille Berg’s latest work sees four actresses storm the stage and launch into a tirade of expletives, moving around like the possessed and transforming the ranting and raving of an angry young woman into the voice of a whole generation. They take a cynical look at the cult of health and beauty and the obsession with fitness, they bitch about the latest casting shows, about the criticism of capitalism, and sneer at the sister who studies business and plans holidays on the Côte d’Azur. They dance, stamp their feet and beat out their disgust of the world, and ask themselves how someone can come to terms with a system they detest so much.

Sybille Berg has written a bitter-sweet play about a young woman questioning her own and other women’s reaction to our modern-day world. The director Sebastian Nübling and the choreographer Tabea Martin have taken the text “for one person and several voices” and created a piece for four terrific young actresses who, sometimes alone, but generally as a united voice, express their hatred of the world.

Regie: Sebastian Nübling | Choreografie: Tabea Martin | Bühne: Magda Willi | Kostüme: Ursula Leuenberger | Bühne / Kostüme: Moïra Gilliéron | Dramaturgie: Katja Hagedorn | mit: Nora Abdel-Maksoud, Suna Gürler, Rahel Jankowski, Cynthia Micas

Eine Produktion des Maxim Gorki Theater in Kooperation mit dem jungen theater basel. Aufführungsrechte beim Rowohlt Theater Verlag, Reinbek bei Hamburg