Nowhere and Everywhere at the Same Time

The Forsythe Company | Germany


Choreographic work by William Forsythe


“Nowhere and Everywhere at the Same Time” is how blind french resistance fighter Jacques Lusseyran described the internal mental space where he envisioned forms and ideas. In equal measure, this phrase can also refer to the omnipresent field of gravity. In the cavernous space of the empty Turnhalle Klingental the performer Brock Labrenz orients himself admidst a profusion of hanging pendulums, exploring the kinetic and metaphoric potentials of both of these multivalent landscapes. Their persistent inquiry results in inter- pretations both personal and scientific, crazed and categorical.

Performer: Brock Labrenz | Technische Realisation: Max Schubert | Producer: Julian Gabriel Richter | The Forsythe Company wird gefördert durch die Landeshauptstadt Dresden und den Freistaat Sachsen sowie die Stadt Frankfurt am Main und das Land Hessen. Sie ist Company-in-Residence im Festspielhaus Hellerau in Dresden und im Bockenheimer Depot in Frankfurt am Main. The Forsythe Company dankt Frau Susanne Klatten für die Unterstützung