No Time for Art

Laila Soliman | Egypt


When the Cairo uprisings began in 2011, the theater artist Laila Soliman was among the multitude at Tahrir Square. Together with other artist and activist friends, she developed the events into the performance “Lessons in Revolting” and the first part of her documentary performance series “No Time for Art”, a personal answer to the official reports of police and military force in Egypt before and after the revolution. On two dual performance evenings, three different parts of the series will be shown.

Konzept / Regie: Laila Soliman | Mit: Sherin Hegazy, Mustafa Saïd, Mina El Naggar, Zainab Magdy und Ahmed Elgendy | Basierend auf Augenzeugenberichten von Ali Sobhy, S.A.H., Mustafa Saïd und Ahmed Elgendy | Untertitel: Philipp Dehne | Produktion / Licht / Video: Ruud Gielens


Special thanks to Rana Elnemr