«Gott weint nicht.

Er donnert lieber.»

(Kurier, Wien)


Raven Ruëll / KVS | Belgium


With an outstanding text and the brilliant actor Bruno Vanden Broecke, this staging, which caused an enormous outcry in Catholic Belgium, is one of the most important monolog performances in recent years. André is a missionary who has been working for over 50 years in Congo. Temporarily on home vacation in Europe, he speaks about the stations of his life in Africa. In a conversational tone that seems to care little about political correctness, he tells about Congolese (eating) habits, differences in mentality and devastating wars. His impressive monologue raises questions about the morality and the implication of an individual in a contradictory world.


Regie: Raven Ruëll | Mit: Bruno Vanden Broecke | Text: David Van Reybrouck | Übersetzung ins Deutsche: Rosemarie Still | Dramaturgie: Ivo Kuyl | Bühnenbild: Leo de Nijs | Lichtdesign: Johan Vonk | Touring / Tour-Management: Nicole Petit | Produktion: Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg