Brett Bailey / Third World Bunfight | South Africa

Brett Bailey, one of today’s most creative South African directors, repeatedly engages with post-colonial African culture in his theater pieces, flippant ethno-shows, outdoor performances and site-specific installations. He now comes to Basel with his latest work “medEia” (based on a play by Oscar van Woensel). The mood here is erotically charged, aggressive and urban, underlined with pop and underground music. The staging refers expressly to the post-colonial present and animates the ancient drama with subjects such as immigration, expulsion and animosity toward foreigners.

Konzept / Regie: Brett Bailey | Mit: Faniswa Yisa, Mbulelo Grootboom, Apollo Ntshoko, Frank Paco, Namhla Tshuka, Indalo stofile, Mbali Kgosidintsi | Produktion: Barbara Mathers |Text Coach: Claire Berlein | Technischer Produktionsleiter: Craig Leo | Inspizient und Tour Manager: Justin Green | Videotechnik: Kim Gunning | Soundtechnik: Carlo Thompson | Lichtdesign: Markus Boenzli | «medEia» von Oscar van Woensel (Dood Paard) in Kooperation Kuno Bakker und Manja Topper (1998)
In cooperation with Zürcher Theater Spektakel