Carry-in-Project #9

Noriyuki Kiguchi / Akumanushirushi | Japan


Japanese artist Noriyuki Kiguchi is an architect, construction worker and artist. His works are immense snake constructions, of wood and fabric. In his “Carry-in-Project #9” created especially for Theaterfestival Basel, a huge sculpture is carried together with visitors and passersby into the head building of Kaserne, maneuvered by way of complicated bending and wriggling through the building until it finds its way out to the Rhine side of the building. This can take a whole day and is a mammoth feat of a very special kind: we need your help!

Regie: Noriyuki Kiguchi | Architekt: Takuma Ishikawa | Produktion: Takio Okamura | Praktikant: Chihiro Kobayashi | Eine Kooperation mit dem Institut Innenarchitektur und Szenografie der FHNW, Südpol Luzern, Zürcher Theater Spektakel | Supported by The Saison Foundation & Japan Foundation & Planning Office for Arts Council Tokyo